RIP Colin Gilroy

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our friend and fellow chess player Colin Gilroy, who passed away in hospital last night having been taken ill at the Durham Congress.

Colin has been a stalwart of the Northumbria League for half a century, most recently with Gateshead Chess Club. He was an avid tournament player who in his prime competed with the county’s top players and scored a famous draw with Kasparov in a simultaneous display in Spain. He also remained, well into his ninth decade, a remarkably energetic and capable captain of Gateshead Knights – he certainly grasped the new eligibility rules as fast as anyone half his age! Indeed, I had a conversation with Colin only last week in which he volunteered to organise Gateshead’s summer knockout entry and had sounded in excellent health.

The thoughts of all of us in the Northumberland chess community are with Colin’s relatives.


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  1. Sad news indeed. Colin was a truly nice guy and a damned hard opponent to beat.

  2. Very sad to read the news about Colin. He was a great person and and an perfect gentleman and sportsman. A very good role model for the rest of us.

  3. On behalf of Kath Gilroy and all of Colin’s family we would like to thank the members for their thoughtfulness and kindness and especially the comments posted by all. Colin would have been highly embarrassed and in his usual self deprecating way feel that he did not deserve them …except of course for the Kasparov draw that he was hugely proud of and would bring out and use to devestating effect if challenged on a point of chess importance. Chess and the club was a major part of Colin’s life and the significance of his playing competitively on the day he died was not lost on any of us. Thanks again

  4. Some comments from Facebook

    • Pratik Shriwas I am really sorry to read that

    Mark William Barfoot Such sad news. A mathematician and an artist too. He once drew with Kasparov in a simul when he lived in Spain.

    Pratik Shriwas That’s really bad…

    Paul Blewitt Very sad. I never knew him, but I’ve heard of him today and will remember his name. Best wishes to you, La, and all who knew him who will be greatly saddened by his passing.

    John Horton sorry to hear rip and god bless

    Peter Harker This is sad news. Very nice guy RIP Colin

    Ian Lamb RIP Colin Gilroy

    Roger Coathup That’s sad news

    Collin ‘Blacky’ Smith Very sad news indeed.
    He was a proper gent, and smashing fella.
    The north east chess circuit has lost one of its best supporters, RIP Colin lad.

    William Metcalfe Omg that is such sad news RIP Colin.

    Stanley Johnson RIP Colin

    William Metcalfe How apt was it the Colins last chess game was v Stan concidering how often those 2 must have played each other

    Some photos at the following links:

  5. its not just about chess its meeting great people like Colin that is the great thing about chess good by Colin
    Dave Parlour

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