Forest Hall A 3½-6½ Jesmond Wasps

Tim Wall 0-1 Zheming Zhang
Martin Seeber 1-0 James Moreby
Rolf Millar ½-½ Kurt Moreby
Roy Perrier 0-1 Bobby Green
John Wall 1-0 Keshav Krishnan
Tania Kisseljov 1-0 Liam Hide
Johnny Wall 0-1 Rohan Rawat
Dennis Shippen 0-1 Peter Owen
Dylan Shone 0-1 Harshith Chakka
Sofia Kisseljov 0-1 Weiming Xu

Monday 22nd April 2013


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  1. This was an excellent match.played in good spirit and perhaps points a way forward for clubs to get more young children involved in league chess. I know some adults don’t like Friday night matches but they are the most appropriate for children who can stay up later. Next season it woud be good if every club had a junior team perhaps with a couple of nominated drivers all playing on Fridays. Perhaps with relaxed rules for numbers playing so if one club could only raise 3 juniors then two adult beginners could top up the numbers.
    I’ve had a good number of conversations with players from a variety of clubs who were despondent about the declining numbers in the their clubs. This could be a way to reverse it.

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