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Division 2 is completed!

As we’ve known for a long time, Leam Lane Comets and Gosforth Regents take the two promotion places. Morpeth B and Gateshead Knights both won games in hand to finish third and fourth. Jesmond Sharks and Newcastle University each get one end of a wooden spoon.

I have agreed with Gateshead Knights that, as a result of them unavoidably running out of players and having to use first teamers, they will not be eligible for promotion should a vacancy arise in Division 1. This follows the precedent set last season with Forest Hall B/C. If this means that no team can be found to fill the vacancy, Gateshead A will remain first in line to be reprieved from relegation.


Newcastle University 0d0 Jesmond Sharks

Match defaulted by both teams under rule 19.

Jesmond Sharks 0d5 Morpeth B

Default conceded by Jesmond Sharks due to lack of available players.

Jesmond Sharks 2-3 Alnwick

Andy Trevelyan 0-1 Mike Trolan
Dave Walshaw 1-0 Rob McEwan
Chris Wilson 1-0 Christopher Cox
Sam Trevelyan 0-1 Richard Perry
default 0-1 Vincent Cowley

Wednesday 1st May 2013

Gateshead Knights 3-2 Jesmond Wasps

Bill Noble 0-1 Zheming Zhang
Peter Wells 0-1 James Moreby
Kevin Cox 1-0 Kurt Moreby
Alex Johnson 1-0 Bobby Green
Robin McKay 1-0 Arif Alam

Monday 29th April 2013

Gateshead Knights 4-1 Forest Hall B

Bill Noble 1-0 Jeff Bentham
Peter Wells 1-0 Jeff Baird
Kevin Cox ½-½ Steve Bowey
Alex Johnson ½-½ Phil Walker
Robin McKay 1-0 default

Monday 22nd April 2013