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Division 2 is completed!

As we’ve known for a long time, Leam Lane Comets and Gosforth Regents take the two promotion places. Morpeth B and Gateshead Knights both won games in hand to finish third and fourth. Jesmond Sharks and Newcastle University each get one end of a wooden spoon.

I have agreed with Gateshead Knights that, as a result of them unavoidably running out of players and having to use first teamers, they will not be eligible for promotion should a vacancy arise in Division 1. This follows the precedent set last season with Forest Hall B/C. If this means that no team can be found to fill the vacancy, Gateshead A will remain first in line to be reprieved from relegation.

Newcastle University 0d0 Jesmond Sharks

Match defaulted by both teams under rule 19.

Jesmond Sharks 0d5 Morpeth B

Default conceded by Jesmond Sharks due to lack of available players.

Jesmond Sharks 2-3 Alnwick

Andy Trevelyan 0-1 Mike Trolan
Dave Walshaw 1-0 Rob McEwan
Chris Wilson 1-0 Christopher Cox
Sam Trevelyan 0-1 Richard Perry
default 0-1 Vincent Cowley

Wednesday 1st May 2013

Gateshead Knights 3-2 Jesmond Wasps

Bill Noble 0-1 Zheming Zhang
Peter Wells 0-1 James Moreby
Kevin Cox 1-0 Kurt Moreby
Alex Johnson 1-0 Bobby Green
Robin McKay 1-0 Arif Alam

Monday 29th April 2013

Gateshead Knights 4-1 Forest Hall B

Bill Noble 1-0 Jeff Bentham
Peter Wells 1-0 Jeff Baird
Kevin Cox ½-½ Steve Bowey
Alex Johnson ½-½ Phil Walker
Robin McKay 1-0 default

Monday 22nd April 2013

Forest Hall A 5d0 South Shields A

Default conceded by South Shields A due to lack of available players.

Forest Hall B 5d0 Jesmond Wasps

Default conceded by Jesmond Wasps due to a lack of available players (they were all playing Forest Hall A).

Forest Hall A 3½-6½ Jesmond Wasps

Tim Wall 0-1 Zheming Zhang
Martin Seeber 1-0 James Moreby
Rolf Millar ½-½ Kurt Moreby
Roy Perrier 0-1 Bobby Green
John Wall 1-0 Keshav Krishnan
Tania Kisseljov 1-0 Liam Hide
Johnny Wall 0-1 Rohan Rawat
Dennis Shippen 0-1 Peter Owen
Dylan Shone 0-1 Harshith Chakka
Sofia Kisseljov 0-1 Weiming Xu

Monday 22nd April 2013

Heed gan doon

As if the Regents’ promotion chase wasn’t providing enough tension at Gosforth, their first team the Empire finished their own season with their 1st Division status hanging by a thread. Tynedale Tans had already pulled off a miraculous series of results to overtake them, and Gateshead A needed only one win – or a draw and some game points – from their three matches in hand to do likewise.

Unfortunately for Gateshead, the three matches in hand were against Tynemouth Hobbits, Durham City and Morpeth A. They lost all of them, and will return to the 2nd Division next season.

The final Division 1 leaderboards have been published. Paul Robson of Durham City takes the hotly contested silver medal.

Newcastle 2½-2½ Tynemouth Trojans

John Wheeler ½-½ Dave Henderson
Gary Murphy ½-½ Mick Riding
Michael McBeth ½-½ Gary Cornwall
Nigel Villalard 0-1 Dave Jarema
Andrew Robinson 1-0 Dave Hair

Tuesday 16th April 2013

South Shields A 3½-1½ Tynedale Reivers

Kevin Rowden ½-½ Peter Crichton
Ian Maughan 1-0 Dave Foster Sr
Stan Johnson ½-½ Steve Larkin
Olaf Eriksson ½-½ Dave Foster Jr
Jack Burnett 1-0 Damian Rudge

Thursday 18th April 2013

Tynedale Reivers 4-1 Jesmond Sharks

Derek Blair 1-0 Andy Trevelyan
Steve Larkin 0-1 Dave Walshaw
Dave Foster jr 1-0 Peter Owen
Damian Rudge 1-0 Abel Harvie-Clark
Dave Scott 1-0 Sam Trevelyan

Tuesday 16th April 2013

Gateshead A 1½-3½ Morpeth A

Robin Horner 1-0 Roger Coathup
Gagik Abaryan 0-1 Mike Smyth
Peter Wells 0-1 Phil Eastlake
Bill Noble 0-1 Geoff Loxham
Alex Johnson ½-½ Dennis Patterson

Monday 15th April 2013

Regents handed promotion as three rivals stumble

It’s been a waiting game for Gosforth Regents for the last few weeks. After a rocky start to the season they recovered brilliantly and at the conclusion of their own slate of fixtures found themselves behind only runaway leaders Leam Lane Comets. But no fewer than three teams below them – Forest Hall A, Morpeth B and Jesmond Wasps – had a chance to steal that second promotion place by winning their games in hand.

Morpeth B were the first to drop out of the race, going down 4-1 to the Warriors. They recovered from that defeat to extinguish the Wasps’ faint hopes with a draw. Forest Hall A were in the 1st Division last year and looked capable of taking it to the wire, but on Friday they slipped to a 3-2 home defeat by Tynedale Reivers that left the Regents celebrating.

Tynemouth Hobbits 1½-3½ Newcastle

Clive Waters ½-½ John Wheeler
Michael Hubbard 0-1 Gary Murphy
Lara Barnes 0-1 Michael McBeth
Alex MacFarlane 1-0 Nigel Villalard
David Pearson 0-1 Andrew Robinson

Monday 8th April 2013

Forest Hall A 2-3 Tynedale Reivers

Martin Seeber 1-0 Derek Blair
Rolf Millar 0-1 Peter Crichton
John Wall 1-0 Phil Taylor
Dennis Shippen 0-1 Steve Larkin
Johnny Wall 0-1 Damian Rudge

Friday 12th April 2013

Morpeth B 2½-2½ Jesmond Wasps

John Horton 0-1 Zheming Zhang
Geoff Loxham ½-½ James Moreby
Alan Welsh 1-0 Kurt Moreby
James Chadwick 0-1 Bobby Green
Dennis Patterson 1-0 Rohan Rawat

Wednesday 10th April 2013

Gateshead A 1-4 Durham City

Robin Horner 0-1 Graeme Oswald
Gagik Abaryan 0-1 Ken Neat
Peter Wells 1-0 Dave Renton
Bill Noble 0-1 George Gazis
Alex Johnson 0-1 John Findlay

Wednesday 10th April 2013 (at Durham)

Alnwick 5d0 South Shields B

Default conceded by South Shields B due to a lack of available players.

RIP Colin Gilroy

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our friend and fellow chess player Colin Gilroy, who passed away in hospital last night having been taken ill at the Durham Congress.

Colin has been a stalwart of the Northumbria League for half a century, most recently with Gateshead Chess Club. He was an avid tournament player who in his prime competed with the county’s top players and scored a famous draw with Kasparov in a simultaneous display in Spain. He also remained, well into his ninth decade, a remarkably energetic and capable captain of Gateshead Knights – he certainly grasped the new eligibility rules as fast as anyone half his age! Indeed, I had a conversation with Colin only last week in which he volunteered to organise Gateshead’s summer knockout entry and had sounded in excellent health.

The thoughts of all of us in the Northumberland chess community are with Colin’s relatives.

Leam Lane Comets 3-2 Tynedale Reivers

John Marsh ½-½ Peter Crichton
Robert Forsythe 1-0 Phil Taylor
Alan Young 1-0 Bruce Reed
Dave Stewardson 0-1 Steve Larkin
Colin McGarty ½-½ Dave Foster jr

Tuesday 2nd April 2013

South Shields B 1-4 Gosforth Regents

Ben Wood 0-1 Geoff Harrison
Stan Johnson ½-½ Martin Beardsley
Dave Parlour 0-1 Kristian Mills
Terry Scollan ½-½ Steve Wilde
Adrian Johnstone 0-1 Robert Heyman

Thursday 28th March 2013

Durham City 4½-½ Newcastle

Graeme Oswald 1-0 Gary Murphy
Ken Neat 1-0 John Wheeler
Nathan Huntley ½-½ Michael McBeth
Paul Robson 1-0 Nigel Villalard
George Gazis 1-0 Andrew Robinson

Wednesday 27th March 2013

Morpeth A 1½-3½ Leam Lane Aces

Roger Coathup 0-1 David Eggleston
Mike Smyth ½-½ Nick Tavoularis
George Ellames 0-1 Richard Doyle
Phil Eastlake ½-½ John Marsh
Geoff Loxham ½-½ Robert Forsythe

Wednesday 27th March 2013

Tynemouth Trojans 2½-2½ Jesmond Rookies

David Henderson ½-½ Chris Wardle
Mick Riding 1-0 Robert Archer
Chris Smith 0-1 Tim Adams
Dave Jarema 1-0 Andy Trevelyan
Dave Hair 0-1 Dave Walshaw

Tuesday 26th March 2013

Tynedale Tans 2-3 Jesmond Knights

David Wrigley 0-1 Malola Prasath
Dave Weldon 1-0 Edward Dodds
Jeremy Handley 0-1 John Turnock
Tim Wrigley 1-0 Ron Plater
Derek Blair 0-1 Amarvansh Singh

Tuesday 26th March 2013

Tynemouth Warriors 4-1 Morpeth B

Phil Jackson 1-0 Alan Welsh
Dennis Beagarie 0-1 Dennis Patterson
Alan Harris 1-0 Harry Robinson
Dennis White 1-0 David Watson
Bob Batten 1-0 Alan Hutchinson

Tuesday 26th March 2013

Gosforth Empire 2½-2½ Tynemouth Castles

Michael Yianni ½-½ Dave Jarema
Roy Bagnall 1-0 Dave Hair
Dave Stebbings 0-1 Keith Rockett
Geoff Harrison 0-1 David Pearson
Kristian Mills 1-0 Ray Garside

Monday 25th March 2013

Gateshead A 1-4 Tynemouth Hobbits

Robin Horner 0-1 Clive Waters
Gagik Abaryan 1-0 Antonio Moneva-Jordan
Peter Wells 0-1 Michael Hubbard
Bill Noble 0-1 John Clarke
Alex Johnson 0-1 Lara Barnes

Monday 25th March 2013

Newcastle 2-3 Morpeth A

Gary Murphy 0-1 Roger Coathup
John Wheeler 0-1 Mike Smyth
Michael McBeth ½-½ George Ellames
Nigel Villalard ½-½ Phil Eastlake
Andrew Robinson 1-0 David Watson

Tuesday 19th March 2013

Morpeth B 1-4 Leam Lane Comets

Phil Eastlake 0-1 John Marsh
Alan Welsh 0-1 Robert Forsythe
James Chadwick 0-1 Alan Young
Dennis Patterson 0-1 Dave Stewardson
Harry Robinson 1-0 Colin McGarty

Wednesday 20th March 2013

Alnwick 3-2 Tynemouth Warriors

Mike Trolan 1-0 Phil Jackson
Ralph Firth ½-½ Alan Harris
Rob McEwan ½-½ Dennis White
Christopher Cox 0-1 Bob Batten
Richard Perry 1-0 Peter Combellack

Wednesday 20th March 2013

Tynedale Reivers 4-1 South Shields B

Phil Taylor 1-0 Ben Wood
Bruce Reed 0-1 Stan Johnson
Dave Foster sr 1-0 Terry Scollan
Alex Ashworth 1-0 Jack Burnett
Peter Booker 1-0 default

Tuesday 19th March 2013

Gosforth Regents 3-2 Forest Hall A

Dave Stebbings 0-1 Alan Harvey
Geoff Harrison 0-1 Mike Smith
Noel Boustred 1-0 John Wall
Martin Beardsley 1-0 Keith Brooks
Steve Wilde 1-0 default

Monday 18th March 2013

Jesmond Wasps 0d5 South Shields A

Default conceded by Jesmond Wasps due to a lack of available players.

South Shields A 1½-3½ Gateshead Knights

Ian Maughan 1-0 Bill Noble
Kevin Rowden ½-½ Kevin Cox
John Jobling 0-1 Colin Gilroy
Jack Burnett 0-1 Alex Johnson
Mark Rowden 0-1 Robin McKay

Thursday 14th March 2013

Shock and surprise at both ends of Division 1

Congratulations to Leam Lane Aces who, in a move predicted by nobody at all, have wrapped up their fourth successive Northumbria League title.

Even more impressively, the 3-2 wins that they snatched from the jaws of equality against Newcastle and Durham City mean that they take a 36-match winning streak into the final game of the season against Morpeth A. Should they win that one too, they will usurp the late-80’s Sunderland dynasty to become statistically the most dominant team in Northumbria League history. Between 1986 and 1990 Sunderland also won four successive titles without defeat, but drew two matches along the way – Leam Lane have so far drawn only one.

At the bottom of the table, Tynemouth Castles teased us all by winning their first match of the season against established 1st Division opponents. But that was as good as it got for the Crystal Palace of Northumberland chess, who for the third time this century bow out of the top flight after a single season.

Leam Lane Aces 4-1 Gosforth Empire

Jonathan Hawkins 1-0 Michael Yianni
Kyril Gara ½-½ Paul Sumner
Richard Doyle 1-0 Dave Stebbings
Robert Forsythe ½-½ Geoff Harrison
Alan Young 1-0 Shakti Sood

Tuesday 12th March 2013

Tynemouth Castles 1½-3½ Gateshead A

Dave Jarema ½-½ Robin Horner
Dave Hair 0-1 Gagik Abaryan
Keith Rockett 0-1 Peter Wells
Dave Mear ½-½ Bill Noble
Dave Pearson ½-½ Alex Johnson

Tuesday 12th March 2013

Tynemouth Hobbits 2-3 Tynedale Tans

Clive Waters ½-½ David Wrigley
Antonio Moneva-Jordan 0-1 Dave Weldon
Michael Hubbard 0-1 Jeremy Handley
John Clarke ½-½ Tim Wrigley
Lara Barnes 1-0 Derek Blair

Monday 11th March 2013

Jesmond Sharks 2-2 Forest Hall B

Joseph Dalton 1-0 Jeff Bentham
Abel Harvie-Clark 0-1 Jeff Baird
Peter Owen 1-0 David A. Turner
Andrew Dalton 0-1 Dennis Shippen

Friday 8th March 2013

Jesmond Rookies 2-3 Durham City

Chris Izod ½-½ Graeme Oswald
Chris Wardle 0-1 Ken Neat
Robert Archer ½-½ Dave Renton
Steven Aitchison 1-0 Mike Ayton
Stephen Wardle 0-1 Geoff Knapton

Friday 8th March 2013

Board 3 result corrected 14th March.

Jesmond Knights 3-2 Tynemouth Trojans

Malola Prasath 0-1 David Henderson
Ed Dodds ½-½ Gary Cornwall
John Turnock 1-0 Chris Smith
Kurt Moreby ½-½ Dave Mear
James Moreby 1-0 Dave Pearson

Friday 8th March 2013

South Shields B 0-5 Morpeth B

Ben Wood 0-1 Les Whittle
Stan Johnson 0-1 Alan Welsh
Terry Scollan 0-1 Harry Robinson
Olaf Eriksson 0-1 David Watson
Adrian Johnston 0-1 Alan Hutchinson

Thursday 7th March 2013

Newcastle University 0d5 Alnwick

Default conceded by Newcastle University due to lack of available players.

Leam Lane Comets 3-2 Tynemouth Warriors

John Marsh ½-½ Richard Oxnard
Robert Forsythe 1-0 Phil Jackson
Alan Young ½-½ Dennis Beagarie
Dave Stewardson ½-½ Alan Harris
Colin McGarty ½-½ Dennis White

Tuesday 5th March 2013

Gateshead Knights 2-3 Gosforth Regents

Bill Noble 1-0 Kristian Mills
Kevin Cox ½-½ Noel Boustred
Colin Gilroy 0-1 Robert Heyman
Alex Johnson ½-½ Steve Wilde
Robin McKay 0-1 Brian Ord

Monday 4th March 2013

Leaderboards updated

Leam Lane are doing fairly well.

Human chess board at Monument, Saturday 9th March!

On Saturday 12 noon the Newcastle University Chess Society are running an event at Grey’s Monument in Newcastle featuring a live human chessboard where local children are the pieces. Click here for an event poster.

Lateefah is still looking for youngsters to be pieces. If your child would like to be a chess piece, grab a consent form here. (Contact details for Lateefah and the Society are all there on the form.)

If you don’t know any small people that would like to be chess pieces, come along anyway and buy a raffle ticket.